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Franchising Nicole perfumery

The most advanced form of cooperation with us is franchising. On these principles you can run your own Nicole perfumery, but also expand your existing business. Practice shows that the perfumery is very “suited” to the drugstore selling various cosmetics, as well as beauty parlours, and similar.

Franchising Nicole

Franchising of Nicole refill perfumes is characterized by receiving the comprehensive “know-how”, i.e. a complete and detailed knowledge needed to create and run own profitable business. In this way you will minimize the financial risk of this undertaking. You will use our knowledge and experience gained over the years on foreign markets. Working together we have a much better chance to succeed. Franchising of the Nicole Perfume perfumery is a ready-made business solution, which will translate into your greater profits and better future.
Your franchising business can be a stationary point, the so-called shop or an island in the shopping centre, as well as “an extra” to another assortment or service.


if you choose the form of cooperation based on franchising, you do not incur any additional costs:

  • you do not pay the initial fee,
  • you do not pay monthly or annual fees,
you invest within your ability (sometimes even few thousand EUR is enough),
the initial investment cost will be earned back quicker,
you will expand your business using future profits,
you have real chances for success even in small towns,
you can arrange the stand and the perfume shop in accordance with your own ideas,
you yourself decide whether your business is Nicole perfumery or a drugstore, which can be expanded with additional assortment,
in time you will gain a group of regular and loyal clients who will be a guarantee of your better future,
you will benefit from a high perfume margin.

Franchising Nicole - ideas: