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Packaged Nicole perfumes

Packaged Nicole Perfumes are ideal for sale in shops, service points, fuel stations and shelves of large supermarkets. No refill of perfumes is done at a sales point. Ready-filled perfumes in bottles are sold.
Even though perfumes are sold in a “ready” form without refilling, the bottles are equipped with an atomizer. This allows the client to independently fill them at home. As a perfume storage, the NICOLE SMART FILLER serves the purpose of a filler. In other words, it is perfumes in plastic 30 ml and 100 ml bottles, in an attractive box, giving the possibility to easily pour the perfume into the glass bottles.
We offer perfumes:

  • in attractive 9 ml glass bottles, in a box,
  • in economic 30 ml glass bottles, in a box,
  • NICOLE SMART FILLER, volume of 30 ml and 100 ml, in a box.

All this at great prices. These are the so-called packed perfumes, but with the possible of another refill, intended for distribution and sale through traditional sale channels. The contents are a whole range of fragrances of the Nicole Eau de Parfum variety, with an increased content of fragrance essences.
We are aware that every client is different and has different needs. Customers are divided by age, social and professional position; however, they are connected by fragrance. Hence the idea of creating a product with an intriguing name of Smart Nicole. A 9ml bottle is an attractive product for everyone.

Basic features of the Smart Nicole

attractive packaging,
handy shape – possibility to stash it literally everywhere,
practical, available and discreet in every situation,
low price with high value for many,
enormous number of fragrances in the series (as many as 150),
innovativeness in the form of NICOLE SMART FILLER.


Perfume for travelers:

Our new product is perfume for travelers and every-day use. It meets the expectations, because it is:

  • practical – small size,
  • handy – it fits in a hand, bag or pocket,
  • durable – glass with increased resistance to impact when dropped,
  • attractive – aesthetic appearance,
  • capacious – as many as 50 applications consisting of 4 sprays each time,
  • versatile – also for every-day life, for work, school, party,
  • unisex package – appropriate for men and women,
  • universal – attractive appearance for every age group,
  • timeless – classical and modern at the same time,
  • flexible in use – usable regardless of lifestyle,
  • luxurious – the recipient proud of possessing it,
  • affordable – for every budget,
  • impulsive – spontaneous need and purchase,
  • intuitive use – without thinking,
  • of exceptional quality – exceeds expectations.

Basic product
SMART NICOLE – EDP perfume in a 9ml glass bottle, in a box. Ideally suited for sale in a drugstore, best on the shelf with other cosmetics for travellers. We propose offering on the shelf several fragrances for women and men. Their selection can be made from among 150 varieties we offer.
The likelihood of customer demand is high, because it is rare to encounter high-quality perfumes in such a handy, travel-sized pack, with so many advantages.

Optional product
SMART FILER NICOLE – EDP perfumes in either 30ml or 100ml plastic bottle, in a box. It is a plastic container for perfume, with a “nozzle” to easily pour the contents into the SMART NICOLE 9ml glass bottle, which has a detachable atomizer and is reusable. The client can independently pour the perfume from the FILLER into the glass bottle. It is ideally suited for sale at a drugstore paired with the SMART NICOLE 9ml. Best placed also on the shelf by other travel-sized cosmetics.

Basic and optional product combined
We think it is undisputable that SMART NICOLE 9ml should be present on the right shelf in stores. However, both products combined are a very interesting pair. We have rightly named them SMART. It is worth offering to clients such clever and needed solution. We are convinced that they will quickly gain the buyers’ trust and recognition.

Nowadays, the environmental aspect is important; glass bottle is reusable, and the SMART FILLER material is fully recyclable.

Perfume for hotels:

Hotel cosmetics can be complemented with perfumes. As a manufacturer, we offer the Nicole perfumes in attractive 9ml glass bottles, which are ideal for hotels and B&Bs:

  • for a bathroom.
  • for a minibar,
  • for a shop at the reception,
  • as a gift.

A handy shape of the bottle and small dimensions classify the perfumes to the category of both “hotel” and “travel” cosmetics.

Perfume for a bathroom
Perfume for a bathroom is ideally suited to complement the already present hotel cosmetics. It can be one unisex fragrance or two fragrances – women’s and men’s. Perfume bottles are reusable, have a screwed-on atomizer and can be refilled by a maid. To refill, the 120ml container with a “nozzle” facilitating pouring into the bottle is used, and we named it the SMART FILLER.

Perfume for a minibar
There is a possibility for guests to buy perfumes from a minibar, after testing them in the bathroom as a hotel cosmetic. For the hotel it is the possibility to earn an extra profit. The probability of purchase is high, because it is rare to encounter the high-quality perfume in both handy and travel-sized box.
Selling perfumes from a minibar is possible in two forms:

  • 9 ml glass bottle in a box, and
  • plastic, minimalistic SMART FILLER (also boxed).

Such offer will seem attractive to the guests; they will have travel perfume in a handy bottle, which they will independently refill at home.

Perfumes in a shop by the reception
In a shop by the reception a larger selection of fragrances could be sold, e.g. 30, 60 or even more. We offer an attractive tester display made of Plexiglas. Perfumes can be sold both in glass bottles and in the form of SMART FILLER.

Perfumes for a gift (souvenir)
An interesting present when checking out could be perfumes with printed logo of the hotel. Using perfumes, the guests will for a long time remember their stay. This will increase the chance of another visit of the same customer, as well as more efficient word of mouth marketing.

PRIVATE LABEL – the possibility to print the hotel logo on bottles and boxes exists already when ordering the quantity of 3000 pieces or more.